Debt Free is the Way to Be

A lot of people have either straight-up asked or side-skirted the topic about how we can afford to travel full-time.  First of all, we're definitely not rich.  There's not a huge nest egg from a successful business venture, inheritance or trust fund. Our secret? No Debt. In mid 2012, Kayla was a new CPA and I was... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Mouse War Won

The war is over. General Mouseketeer officially surrendered today. The surrender came shortly after he was caught red-handed (do mice have hands?) trying to eat a piece of hotdog. General Mouseketeer was winning the war but left evidence (poop) in the utensil drawer. His attempts to eat the spatula was foiled when the utensils were... Continue Reading →

Mouse in the House

Well, that didn't take long. Less than three weeks into our full-time RV life we had our first unwanted roommate.  I was sitting at the kitchen table working and saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I looked up and made eye contact with a little field mouse.  We had a one second... Continue Reading →

This Thing is YUUUUUGE!

In the last six days we have put about 1,500 miles on the motorhome. Remember back to when I forgot to test the toilet in the Aliner until we were already on the road?  Well, we were really busy getting everything ready for the trip (new tires, buying a dolly, changing oil, etc.) that I... Continue Reading →

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