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We’re Dave & Kayla and we have commitment issues.  Not to one another…but locations.  We have trouble staying in a place for too long.  For us, “too long” tends to be somewhere around 24 months.  We blame the Army since it moved us around three times in four years.  We’re hoping this journey will put our nomadic tendencies to rest and we can finally settle into a place and stay for a while.

The road trip idea has been lingering for a while.  Shortly after moving to Nashville in the summer of 2015, we signed up for the 2016 TransRockies Run.  Then, through some random blog-reading, we found https://heathandalyssa.com/.  It’s a blog about two newlyweds who spent their honeymoon living in a motor home and traveling the U.S.  We toyed with the idea of getting remote jobs and doing a year-long trip in an RV.  We kept saying, “maybe next year” and it kind of died out.

Sometime around Jan/Feb 2017 we started talking about it again and decided we would quit our jobs and hit the road in small camper explore the western U.S. and Canada.  We quit our jobs on July 21st 2017 and made our way back to Transrockies Run in 2017 as a two week test-run in the Aliner.  During Transrockies we both got “hired on” from our previous employers with consistent part-time work as contractors.  We also decided the Aliner was a little tight after two weeks with only one dog…it would be nearly impossible to live and work in it with both dogs.  We sold the Tundra and Aliner and bought a 1998 Fleetwood Bounder 34ft Class A motor home.  Now we’re traveling the U.S. and Canada and working part-time on the road.  We have no end-date in mind right now, but it would be great to make it work through next August for Transrockies 2018.  It’s crazy how that trail race keeps pulling us back!

Anyway, here is a little more about each of us:

Dave (@dcocch) is a dreamer, beer-lover and DIYer who rarely pays someone else to do something for him.  It could be because he’s handy or because he’s a cheap ass.  Probably a bit of both.  He is the primary author of this blog and can spot a typo or grammatical error from a mile away…unless it is his own writing, in which case there are A LOT of typos and horrible sentences.  You’ve been warned.


Kayla (@kcocch) is an accountant with a personality (aka a unicorn).  She loves traveling and is usually the instigator for our random trips around the globe.  She’s the weird one in the family; check out @dcocch on Instagram for proof.  Despite being the goofball, she is also the responsible one that makes sure we have enough money to keep the gas tank full.  She takes pride in being able to embarrass Dave in public no matter how much he tries to pretend like he doesn’t care.

Bentley (#TheRealKingBentley) is a 7 year old boxer mix that made a deal with the devil to never age.  He enjoys acting like a puppy around people, sleeping, and sending MyTalkingPet videos.  He holds a family record of not peeing for a mind-blowing stretch of 17 hours (mom and dad got a little tipsy at a friend’s house once).  Bentley is well known for making everyone love him.  He has turned many “Not Dog People” into “Bentley People.”img_9037

Zuzu (#TheOriginalZuzu) is 1 year old cow-dog hybrid (she looks like a miniature cow).  She enjoys chewing on Bentley’s face, legs, ears, and tail. Zuzu also enjoys walking on her parents’ faces while they are sleeping.  She’s a work in progress for training but two things she has down is being calm in public and being adorable.img_9688

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