So Ore & Nor Cal

I don’t think “So Ore” is a thing yet, but neither was “So Fetch” before 2004.  Just go with it.

Our last post was while we were in Cannon Beach, OR near Haystack Rock.  We worked our way south to Grants Pass, OR and spent the night next to an In-n’-Out Burger.  We were pretty excited.  However…after stuffing my face with a double-double animal style and animal fries, I came to the conclusion that In-n’-Out really isn’t that great.  I mean, yeah, the burger is good and it’s cheap, but the fries as bland and kind of mushy (we tried both regular and animal fries).

From Grants Pass we went to Hiouchi, CA right in one of the biggest redwood forests in California.

There are squirrels EVERYWHERE!

We went back into “So Ore” to check out a trail that led to a secret beach.  I guess the beach isn’t so secret anymore because it’s literally tagged “Secret Beach” on Instagram.  It was a great hike that ended on an empty beach and Zuzu had a blast digging in the sand on her first birthday!

Secret Beach from above (Brookings, OR)
Zuzu’s 1st birthday party with all of her friends!

While we were staying in the area, we took the opportunity to bike on the Old Redwood Highway that used to be a road from 1919 to 1930.  Highway 101 was eventually built to the east and this road was left for bikes.  Unfortunately, the bike trail was closed due to fallen redwood trees on the path.  Well, we drove 30 minutes to bike the trail so we weren’t going to let a few [giant] redwoods get in our way.  We ended up having to climb two huge redwoods with our bikes to get around them.  It was actually the most fun part of the bike ride.



Once we left the redwoods we headed south past Eureka and got stuck in a few days of rain.  Eventually we decided we were sick of looking for random campgrounds to hunker down in during rainy days so we made our way to Napa and set up camp for two weeks.

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