Napa & San Francisco

Setting up camp for two full weeks was amazing.  It was almost like we were real people again and not nomads.  We got to explore the city of Napa and didn’t even need a GPS to get around anymore.

One of the reasons we chose Napa was because it had Skyline Wilderness Park which was super cheap ($32/night) and it was close enough to get to San Francisco for day trips.  Unfortunately, the 800 acres of trails in Skyline Wilderness were closed due to the forest fires that hit Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and Napa earlier this fall.  We still had fun, but there really wasn’t anywhere to hike or mountain bike nearby.

We met up with Houda and Jenny in San Francisco for The North Face Endurance Challenge.  Jenny ran the half-marathon so Kayla and I drove into town to meet them afterwards.  We discovered that there is a free parking lot on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge so we parked there and biked across the bridge.  Jackpot…saved $15 on tolls!

Kayla’s “oh shit” face while biking on the GG Bridge


Houda, Jenny, and us enjoying a beer after the race

We also took the opportunity to do the Alcatraz tour while we were nearby.  We ended up getting on the night tour which was really cool.  We got to the island around 4pm just before sunset and then left at 6pm in the dark.  It was pretty creepy walking around in the dark.

Welcome to The Rock
It’s basically like living in a RV…

Fast forward to Thanksgiving when Lisa came to visit.  We spent the weekend visiting wineries and I stayed responsible and babysat K & L.  We had a great time (K&L had a really great time) and our teeth turned purple.  I think that’s par for the course in Napa.


So sophisticated.
Our little bundle of joy!
I was the 3rd Wheel most of the weekend…


Kayla & Lisa even biked between some wineries and didn’t get hit by any cars!
Bentley & Zuzu make our guests feel right at home

We really enjoyed our time in Napa and San Francisco.  It was a much-needed break from constant traveling and it was fun to see familiar faces.  Now we’re on to Modesto, CA to see more friends before making our way to Yosemite.  I will see Yosemite on this trip because it was one of my must-see locations before we started (snow be damned!).  A November expense post will be coming soon and it isn’t very pretty.  Apparently Napa isn’t the cheapest place in the world…

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