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Yeah, I know… I’ve been slacking on this whole blog thing.  If you’ve ever blogged you have probably done the same.  Sometimes you just feel like you’re writing the same stuff every post and you lose steam.  So, if you’ve been waiting for another blog post, you can thank my friend Cassie who basically called me out on it being a month since the last post.  Whoops.

Zuzu dreaming up interesting blog posts.
This is how Bentley feels about blogging

Well, get ready.  I have a full pot of coffee and I’ve uploaded a bunch of pictures to WordPress and I’m ready to recount the last month of our lives in multiple posts.

Here’s a quick overview of what we planned to do in November and what we actually did:

  • Crater Lake in SE Oregon
  • Redwood National Park
  • More of the Oregon and California coast
  • Wine in Oregon
  • Meeting up with Houda and Jenny in San Francisco
  • Wine and Thanksgiving in Napa with Lisa
  • Lake Tahoe

We didn’t make it to Crater Lake because they got a foot of snow the day before we wanted to go.  We decided that making the 2hr drive each way (or slower in snow) in the Mazda wasn’t worth seeing the snowy lake for 20 minutes.

Similarly, we planned on going to Lake Tahoe this past Sunday but they were under a winter weather advisory for 6-18″ of snow in the mountains.

November wasn’t the most interesting travel month.  We stayed at one place in Napa for two full weeks.  Kayla worked a lot to keep us from being too poor and I studied for the PMP exam.  I decided in early November that since I only have about 10-15hr a week of work, I might as well use this time to study and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam while I have the time.

Zuzu gets a bit restless when we work too much.

So without further ado, here are the posts I was too lazy to write over the last month:

So Ore & Nor Cal

Napa & San Francisco

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