October Travel & Expenses

Whoa, it’s already November!  When we originally planned this trip we were planning to travel from Mid-August until November.  Good thing we got jobs and plans changed because we’re only in Oregon and it feels like we’ve been moving faster than we want.

October was an expensive month.  We blame the rain in the Pacific Northwest and the fact that Seattle, the WA coast, and Vancouver are expensive areas.  We’re excited to be in Oregon and get a little bit of a breather before heading to the money-sucking blackhole of California.

Here are the stats and expenses from October:

Miles Traveled: 1,591
States/Provinces: 5 (MT, ID, WA, BC, OR)
Gallons of Gas: 255.8
Cost of Gas: $729.31
Avg MPG: 6.2
Cost of Campgrounds: $728.73
Avg Cost of Campground: $34.70/night
Nights of Free-Camping: 4
Nights at Harvest Hosts: 6
Entertainment: $1,019.24 (Yikes! Too much Poke and beer!)
Groceries: $616.29
Loads of laundry: 8 (thanks Yujian, Brittany & Andrew!)
Breweries Visited: 19
Wineries Visited: 4
Miles Hiked/Ran: 35.9
Most expensive purchases: We bought bikes that were pricey but they make it so much easier to get out a see places.  Plus it gives us an excuse to drink beer because we’re getting exercise to and from the brewery!

Cool things we saw/did:

Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach, OR
Tamanawas Falls – Mt. Hood, OR
Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA
Stanley Park – Vancouver, BC
Oktoberfest – Leavenworth, WA
Boeing Factory Tour – Everette, WA
Big Barn Brewing – Mead, WA
Ecola State Park – Cannon Beach, OR
Chinese Hot Pot Dinner w/ Yujian – Seattle, WA
Winery & Brewery hopping with Brittany & Andrew – Seattle, WA
Columbia River – Northern Oregon


Harvest Hosts and great wine (Zuzu agrees) – Gaston, OR
Tamanawas Falls – Mt. Hood, OR

Best Brewery:

Dave’s Pick: Cascade Barrel House – Portland, OR
Kayla’s Pick: Big Barn Brewing – Mead, WA
Best Restaurant:
Fairhaven Poke.  If you haven’t had poke, it’s basically sushi in a bowl and it’s our new favorite food.

What’s Happening in November:

  • Hopefully visiting Crater Lake in SE Oregon (if it’s not snowing there)
  • Redwood National Park
  • More of the Oregon and California coast
  • Wine in Oregon
  • Meeting up with Houda and Jenny in San Francisco
  • Wine and Thanksgiving in Napa with Lisa
  • Lake Tahoe

If you haven’t noticed on the top menu, I created a google map of all the places we’ve been.  Check it out here: Where We’ve Been.

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