Seeking Normalcy

I can’t even count how many times we’ve been told that we are “living the dream” while we’ve been on road.  I’ll be the first to admit, this experience is pretty damn cool.  However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorn farts.  There have been several times Kayla and I have looked at each other and said (both joking and serious) “Time to go home?”  This, in itself, is ridiculous because we don’t have a home (structure or city) to go to.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re having lot of fun and have experienced some amazing things but we’re both very much “Routine People.”

I know what you’re thinking, “These A-holes are traveling around, working part-time, and they are whining about lack of ROUTINE?!”  I know, it’s ridiculous but think about it for a minute. When you go on a long vacation do you ever get to the point where you are excited to go home and sleep in your own bed, cook in your own kitchen and get back to normal?  We’re currently hitting that barrier in this adventure.  We miss having a big kitchen, a yard for the dogs and most of all, a sense of routine.  Also, living in a 20 year old motorhome results in nearly continuous “where did this [insert water, oil, hydraulic fluid or any other non-native liquid to a house] come from?” questions.  Every time we make it to our intended destination without breaking down I let out a little sigh of relief.

Trust me, I feel ridiculous writing this.  We’re sitting at a brewery in Oregon City just outside of Portland, OR.  We decided on a whim that we were sick of Washington so we packed up this morning and headed south.  In an effort to find some normalcy, we’re staying at our current location for four nights.  This will be our longest stretch in one spot since we left Minnesota.  It’s already lifted our moods because researching for RV parks is arguably the worst part of this lifestyle.  So many RV parks are crappy and charge way too much that it makes finding good ones (or free sites) a huge hassle.

Our last few days in Seattle helped immensely.  We were lucky enough to be invited in to Brittany & Andrew’s house in Renton, WA for two nights.  They have a fenced-in yard and a beagle named Stella.  Bentley and Zuzu were in heaven.  We also met up with Yuijan, one of Kayla’s former co-workers, and made traditional Chinese hot pot for dinner.  Seeing familiar faces was incredibly helpful for us to re-charge the batteries and prepare to head down the coast.

We’re feeling a bit more normal now and looking forward to exploring Oregon and Northern California.  We’re excited to see friends in San Francisco, Modesto and Oakland over the next month and then meet Hillary & Peaches in early December for #CoochlersGoCamping in southern California.  Afterwards, we’ll spend Christmas in LA with my sister’s family and see my mom in late December when she comes to visit in LA.

It also helps that we’re supposed to have sun for the next week straight!

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