(It’s short for Pacific Northwest, bro).

Apparently we’ve been in the PNW for a while.  Depending on who you ask, it starts in Idaho and goes down to Oregon.  Whatever, this post is about our adventures between Seattle and Vancouver.

There isn’t a whole lot of exciting posts about sweet hikes or anything because it’s always raining here!  Ok, that was [just bit of] an exaggeration.  We got to Seattle nine days ago and it has been sunny a total of like two or three days.  It has rained (or snowed) at least a little on seven days.  I’m not sure how y’all PNWers do it…

Anyway, we have dome some exploring.  We bought mountain bikes in Spokane two weeks ago and they have made it so much easier to get around in bigger cities.  However, the seats feel like a 21st century version of something Vlad the Impaler would think up…

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.51.11 AM
Actual image of me after 12 miles on a mountain bike seat.
Biking around Vancouver, BC
Biking the seawall in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC
Family photo in Larabee State Park near Bellingham, WA
Larabee State Park (Bellingham, WA) during a brief moment of sunshine

As we worked our way up to Vancouver we stopped and tried to do a hike at Mt. Baker, WA.  Kayla planned this hike and just said, “we’re going to go hiking.”  It was 57 degrees where we were so I just brought a trucker hat and a light jacket with a t-shirt under.  We started driving and ended up near the top of Mt. Baker where it was 34 degrees with 5″ of snow on the ground.  That hike lasted about 15 minutes before we went down to mid-40s a bit lower on the mountain.

Zuzu loves snow!
Bentley wasn’t loving the weather.
A picture of me taking the picture above


After the winter-wonderland hike, we made our way across the border crossing in Sumas, WA/Abbotsford, BC.  We left the car off the dolly since we had just driven it and were only going about 10 miles into Canada for the night.  The border patrol officer was intense this go-round.  He fired off about 37 questions within 3 minutes and grilled me about our whereabouts since we left Tennessee in July.  He didn’t believe that someone from Tennessee wouldn’t have at least a few guns.  He seemed baffled that I left my firearms in Minnesota since I knew I was going to be entering Canada twice.

Then, in a strange change of tone, he said, “do you have any food?”  I’m on a 35ft motorhome…of course I have food.  Usually they ask about raw poultry since it’s prohibited from entering Cananda.  Instead he asked, “do you have any apples?”  We did have apples because according to the Canadian Immigrations website, apples are fine to bring into Canada.  He confiscated anyway them so I assume he just wanted a snack, eh?

Apple Thieves Ahead!

The jokes on him though.  Had he entered the motorhome he would have seen the delicious cookies that Kayla baked the night before!

mmmMMmmm Motorhome Cookies!

We’re currently spending the next few days in Vancouver in a great RV park just north of Stanley Park.  If you’re headed to Vancouver in a RV, check out Capilano RV Park.  We are in a prime location so we biked around Vancouver yesterday when it was sunny.  It’s going to rain for the next few days so we’re getting in some hours of work and eating sushi (thanks for the discount, CAD exchange rate!) before heading back towards Seattle.

I just realized we haven’t really shown any pictures of the inside of the motorhome.  Look for a video tour in the next few days (once we clean up)!


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