September Travel Stats & Expenses

Wondering how far we drove and how much money we spent on gas in September?  You’re in luck!  Here’s the stats for September.  However, we actually hit the road on September 10th so this isn’t a full month.

Miles Traveled: 2,678
States/Provinces: 7 (MN, ND, AB, BC, MT, ID, & WY)
Gallons of Gas: ~410
Cost of Gas: $1,179.85
Avg MPG: 6.51
Cost of Campgrounds: $448.53
Days of Free-Camping: 8
Groceries (including beer/wine): $611.46
Loads of laundry: 5
Number of dog walks: ∞ (it feels like every 10 minutes)

Coolest things we saw:

Amazing mountains and lakes/rivers in Canmore/Banff/Kananaskis, Alberta:snapseed


Grand Teton National Park:img_0944

The Snake River in Bridger-Teton National Forest near Alpine, WY during autumn:img_1027

Geyser Hill in Yellowstone National Park with an amazing sunset:img_1099

Things we missed the most:
– A fenced backyard
– A big kitchen
– Consistent cell service and Wi-Fi for working
– Having friends besides each other but it has been great seeing a few friends along the way!

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