The End Is Near

11 days to be exact. You read that right, the journey is coming to an end.  We decided that camping in the AZ desert all winter with a ton of old people didn't sound like that much fun.  We would much rather have a yard so we don't have to walk the dogs 47 times... Continue Reading →

Napa & San Francisco

Setting up camp for two full weeks was amazing.  It was almost like we were real people again and not nomads.  We got to explore the city of Napa and didn't even need a GPS to get around anymore. One of the reasons we chose Napa was because it had Skyline Wilderness Park which was... Continue Reading →

Back to Blogging

Yeah, I know... I've been slacking on this whole blog thing.  If you've ever blogged you have probably done the same.  Sometimes you just feel like you're writing the same stuff every post and you lose steam.  So, if you've been waiting for another blog post, you can thank my friend Cassie who basically called... Continue Reading →

So Ore & Nor Cal

I don't think "So Ore" is a thing yet, but neither was "So Fetch" before 2004.  Just go with it. Our last post was while we were in Cannon Beach, OR near Haystack Rock.  We worked our way south to Grants Pass, OR and spent the night next to an In-n'-Out Burger.  We were pretty excited. ... Continue Reading →

October Travel & Expenses

Whoa, it's already November!  When we originally planned this trip we were planning to travel from Mid-August until November.  Good thing we got jobs and plans changed because we're only in Oregon and it feels like we've been moving faster than we want. October was an expensive month.  We blame the rain in the Pacific Northwest... Continue Reading →

Seeking Normalcy

I can’t even count how many times we’ve been told that we are “living the dream" while we've been on road.  I’ll be the first to admit, this experience is pretty damn cool.  However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorn farts.  There have been several times Kayla and I have looked at each other and... Continue Reading →


(It's short for Pacific Northwest, bro). Apparently we've been in the PNW for a while.  Depending on who you ask, it starts in Idaho and goes down to Oregon.  Whatever, this post is about our adventures between Seattle and Vancouver. There isn't a whole lot of exciting posts about sweet hikes or anything because it's... Continue Reading →

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